Sunday, 31 July 2016

Hello people I'm back. Sorry for not being as active as I've mentioned I'll be. Anyways moving on, this blogpost is a review on the coffee scrub from shopwithminghui.

I've been using it for a few months already. I don't usually use scrubs because I have sensitive skin. But this scrub has allowed me to change my thoughts on it. It's REALLY REALLY GOOD and EFFECTIVE. Like you can literally see the after effect after JUST ONE USE. How good is that right? So don't worry if you have sensitive skin like mine, it is perfectly alright to use their scrub. It can help you to remove your scars and acne prone skin. After using this, my skin has got a lot better. For people who have little blemishes, I PROMISE that after one use, your skin will be as soft as the baby skin. Not even kidding with you ya? I'm trying out their oats scrub now!!

They have 4 types of scrubs; coconut, oats, suga daddy and last but not least the coffee scrub. Hurry go and purchase yours from them!!!

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